September 24, 2017

Young people Registrations are Paused

Hi Everyone,

We have currently paused young people registrations as we have reached capacity for the number of young people we can take for the number of projects that are confirmed.

124 young people are booked on from 24 local churches, we have 24 adult team leaders and assistants and 16 project hosts signed up.

There are a few more projects in the pipeline that are still ironing out details and are still putting in place essential things that they need, like project hosts, team leaders and assistants.

We hope to have 16 or 17 projects this year, which will allow us to have 150 to 170 young people involved in the event this year. (Hopefully 46 more tickets to go on sale)

In the meantime while bookings are temporarily closed, if you haven’t booked but would like to, email to add your name to the waiting list.

Keep praying for the event, and try to contain your excitement.

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