September 23, 2014

A Plea to MK Churches & Supporters

Hope MK 2014 is now just over a month away!

Fully BookedLast year registrations from young people were slow – not surprisingly, as we had to share the vision God had given for Hope MK & convince people of it. This year, the young people & volunteers who were involved in 2013 have been sharing the vision for us, and we’ve had an amazing response. By last Friday we had filled all of the 130 places we made available! But we know there are still a number of groups & young people who haven’t signed up, so we opened another 20 – of which just 15 remain.

Young Christians across MK have proved they are enthusiastic about & committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with their city.

That’s absolutely amazing – but it presents some additional challenges. Please read on…

Projects – the heart of the initiative…

ProjectsSadly, it’s just over a month from the event and we still only have two registered projects. We’ve been following-up with other churches & organisations, and we’re confident that we’ll have 12 projects this year. But with the increased number of young people, we still need another 2 or 3.

What could your Church/Organisation achieve, what need could you meet, if we offered you a team of 10-12 young people for the half term week? Please take a look at the Project Planning Pack which will help you through the project planning process & let you know what will be required of you and your team. It also includes the project registration form. If you’d love to get involved, but don’t have any ideas, get in touch and we’ll work with you to find one.


SponsorshipLast year’s event cost just over £10,000 in total. Over half of that was given by churches & organisations, and the majority of the remainder was covered by young people’s registration fees. So far we’ve had lots of promises of support, but still only a handful of churches/organisations have contributed financially.

Many of the fixed costs are funded by the registration fee. But with the increase in places, the costs of transport go up as we need to find additional vehicles to get the teams around MK.

We have no doubt the Lord will provide – but He’ll do so primarily through you and your churches/organisations. All donations will be gratefully received. If your Church has young people who are signed up to join us, would you please also consider a contribution to help bear the costs. Please make cheques payable to ‘MK Bridgebuilder Trust’ and send them to: Hope MK, Bridge House, 1 Second Avenue, Bletchley, MK1 1ED.

There is no Church or organisation underwriting Hope MK – so our planning must be within the bounds of a positive budget. That means that we’re having to consider cutting some corners as the funding doesn’t currently meet the anticipated expenditure.


PeopleFor an initiative of this scale to work, in addition to the financial & logistical support of churches & organisations, we also need the support of individual adults.

We have a small team at the heart of Hope MK, and a wider team of partners who do the organising & planning prior to the event, but we won’t achieve anything during the half-term week without a small army of enthusiastic and willing supporters who are prepared to get stuck in and help make it happen.

There will be a host of different roles which need to be filled during the week, and so we’re keen to hear from anyone who is available (or can make themselves available!) to assist. The list of roles includes: transport, catering, pastoral care, administrators, logistics, and the list goes on. If you have a passion for or gifting/strength in one of those areas and are willing to commit some time, please get in touch. If you can’t give a whole week (of course, we understand it’s a big ask) we’ll be happy to get you involved if you can give a couple of hours, or a few mornings or afternoons.

We’re especially keen to hear from people who are willing to lead a team in providing an evening meal. Can your small group/home group commit to preparing & cooking a meal? [or any other group you’re part of] If your Church can sponsor it, that would be great – but if not, of course we’ll meet the expenses. We’ll put you in touch with our catering co-ordinators who will advise you.

We’re delighted to hear that a number of people are so committed to the initiative that they’ve already booked the time off work to serve with us! Could you do the same? If you’re willing, and think you might be able in any way at all, download, complete & return the Adult Volunteer form, or get in touch if you want to talk things through.

Upcoming Events…

One ChurchOur second ‘One Church‘ service takes place this Sunday, 28th September, from 7-9pm at the Church of Christ the King. Lively worship will again be led by the FUSE Youth band from MKCC, and our guest speaker will be Rev. Chris Duffett, Evangelist for the Light Project. Chris joined us for a day last October and had everyone spell-bound & then absolutely inspired! Bring your youth group & church members for a challenge you won’t forget. The event is primarily aimed at young people aged 11+, but everyone is welcome! During the event we’ll be revealing news about the event in October… Don’t miss it!

The training which was to take place in the afternoon of the 28th has unfortunately been cancelled due to the lateness of project registrations. But we have an exciting opportunity for young leaders and those who led projects last year [we’ll be in touch with them directly!].

Our prayer is that the incredible enthusiasm and commitment of the young Christians across MK will be matched by Churches & Organisations.

Please do contact us if you’d like further information or if there’s anything at all you need from us. In the meantime, the best way to keep in the loop is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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