July 23, 2015

Registration Open for 2015

It’s taken a little longer than planned, but as you’re reading this, you’ll know that our new website is now live! But even better – that means that registration is now open for Hope MK 2015! Oh yes!

No more scrabbling around looking for the registration form your youth leader/church leader gave you and you stuffed down the side of your bed; and no more trying to get your parents to dig out their chequebook to pay the fee. This year both registration & payment are on-line. That’s right – we’ve joined the 21st Century :o)

We’ve got lots of exciting news to share over the coming weeks, which we’ll do here, via Facebook and through our newsletter, so make sure you like our Facebook page, and sign up for our newsletter.

So what are you waiting for? Who’s going to be the first to sign up?!

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