July 21, 2013

Prayer Points

Pray...We need this ambitious initiative to be covered & supported by prayer. Please use the brief pointers below to guide your personal prayers, but also pass them on to your prayer teams, home groups, small groups, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, youth groups, etc., so we can join together in prayer.

1. Registration

Churches have promised to be part of Hope MK by organising projects for the young people to undertake. But because it feels a long time away, and they are busy with other work, many have been slow at responding to register these projects. Please pray that they will recognise the urgency of this and register very soon.

Also that the young people who have shown a great interest in being part of Hope MK will sign up and get registered too. We had an extremely slow start (because we know what it’s like to get young people organised) but we’re already over half full. Pray that young people don’t sit back thinking they’ve ‘got ages yet’ because places are filling up fast!!

2. Fundraising

That the promised donations will materialise and be sent to Hope MK. That there will be great support for our two fundraising activities.

3. Synergy Event – to be held on Sunday 29th September at St Mary’s Bletchley.

This Synergy evening is going to be taken over completely by the Hope MK Team and will be the first gathering of all the people who will be serving together for the week long mission. Could we pray that the young people of Milton Keynes will be enthused and empowered at this event in readiness for October half-term.

4. General Volunteers

Hope MK needs you! Seriously, Hope MK will only be successful if it has a large group of volunteers willing to get stuck in and help in any way they can. We would particularly be interested in school workers, who will more than likely have that week off work and be available to volunteer. However, we would equally like it for anyone to commit themselves by signing up on the website and volunteering. Maybe you could man a telephone, help in administration, cook a meal, drive a minibus, assist in leading a project, fundraising, pray for the event. Please pray that volunteers would register their interest soon by signing up on the website. Find out more…

5. Teaching/Worship Programme

From mid-September the Hope MK Team will be organising the Teaching/Worship Teams. These teams will have great impact with the young people, teaching them about the love of God and helping them to be empowered in Jesus’ name as they serve the community. Please pray for the right team to be put together and that they will be inspired by Jesus and enthused as they direct the young people.

6. Junior Leaders

Please pray for the recruitment of Junior Leaders to the Hope MK team. These older teens will hold an inspirational and encouraging position, and serve as an example to the young people who will be involved in the projects.

7. Spiritual Attack

The Hope MK team are enthused and inspired already by what the Lord has done in readiness for Hope MK. Obviously, the Devil does not like this. Please remember to pray for the whole project, every member of the Hope MK Team and their families, every Church involved, every Volunteer, every young person signed up and the whole of Milton Keynes.

As you know, the spiritual attack is very real. Please pray God’s blessing and that the Devil will be banished from impacting anything. May we take up the whole armour of God and wield the Sword of the Spirit as we claim Milton Keynes in the name of Jesus.


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