April 28, 2017

Passing on the Baton

In October this year Hope MK will turn five & it has been my joy & privilege to have been involved from the very start. But yesterday I attended my last Hope MK meeting, and this weekend marks the end of my ministry in Milton Keynes (find out more here). There are some significant changes ahead, but I’m absolutely thrilled that Hope MK will continue

At the end of yesterday’s meeting I handed over the baton to the newly formed team – figuratively, as the responsibility for future events now rests with them, and literally as you’ll see from the photo below.

But, if you’ve ever watched a relay race, you’ll know that the runner who hands on the baton doesn’t simply wander away, disinterested & dispassionate because their race is run. Far from it. They often chase along behind, cheering & encouraging their team-mate along. So I’m not wandering off, disinterested. I’m still wearing my pink wristband from last year’s event which reminds me that God has greater things in store for you all (John 14:12) and I will be following the team’s progress with interest, encouraging them as much as possible. I cannot wait until October, to see from afar just what you’re all getting up to, and more importantly, what God is doing through you!

Hope MK has been a huge, ambitious adventure, and God has blessed it every step of the way. Early indications are that He’s on the case again for this year. So expect great things from Him, and attempt great things for Him, and believe that greater things are yet to come!

Thank you all for your courage & enthusiasm, and your willingness, in faith, to step way outside your comfort zone.

God bless you



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