December 5, 2013

My Story: Ian Turvey

Christian Motorcyclists AssociationFor me, I won’t forget a conversation with a young man at the Friday night event. He came to look at the bikes after Gram Seed had spoken whilst he was waiting for his mum to meet him. We chatted and got onto first name terms. He then asked me “When did you connect with God?” I found the words a little strange, but they were his, so I checked, did he mean ‘when did I give my life to God?’ and he said ‘yes’. I told him ‘years ago, when I was 13’. I asked him if he was connected to God and he answered ‘Yes, it’s been about 10 minutes now, and you are the first person I have told!”.

I could have wept with joy! We talked about how to chat with God, and had a prayer together. I then introduced him to some folk from our Church, and encouraged him to tell them what he’d been up to, which he had no problems with doing, I left them to it!!

Isn’t God Awesome?!? What a privilege it was for us to share in the last evening!

Ian Turvey
Christian Motorcycle Association

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