November 8, 2013

My Story: Clare Allsop

Clare Allsop: Pastoral TeamHaving included Hope MK in my prayers for the past few months, I was delighted to have the chance to help with the pastoral team. I turned up and donned my bright blue hoodie. Everyone was very welcoming and I met lovely people from a number of churches. Though I was interested to know which of the nineteen congregations involved everyone belonged to, we weren’t labelled accordingly – we were just one Big Blue Family.

It was really heart-warming to see young people of so many churches befriending each other, praying for each other, and working together to serve the wider community – I’m certain this will strengthen their journey in faith, as well as the entertaining and profound input the team and speakers provided. I was touched almost to tears a number of times by the sense of love and of unity in the Spirit that was present among us. It felt almost like finding long lost brothers and sisters. In the times of prayer the adults shared before the day began, our coming together as Christians and agreeing in prayer raised my faith that God would do wonderful things through Hope MK. There were moments when our particular perspectives came up in conversation, but in a spirit of great graciousness, underlining our common mission to share the love and good news of Christ.

Since then, I have noticed myself extending more loving acceptance towards people around me with various viewpoints – the spirit of Hope MK has changed me! Thank you everyone involved for a massive effort for God – I’m awed to think of the amount of work the leaders and young people invested – and thank you for creating a week where we can celebrate being a huge, diverse family, and go out together to invite people to the party!

Clare Allsop – Pastoral Team

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