July 21, 2013

Minibus Drivers Needed

Minibus Driver TrainingOne of the biggest logistical tasks of Hope MK will be transporting project teams around the city to serve on their projects – and the bigger the initiative gets, the larger the headache it becomes. We’re in the process of researching transport options & booking where possible.

One area which is a great resource for minibuses, especially during half term, is schools. Unfortunately, in most cases, to drive a school bus you need to have a special MK Council licence. We’ve now reached the point where we need drivers in place before we can even book the buses (we’d hope to source drivers at a later stage).

If you know anyone who has a minibus licence from MK Council, and is available/willing to join us for the Autumn half term week (28th Oct-1st Nov), please put them in touch with us. Additionally, if you know someone who is over 25 and would be willing to take the test to get an MK Council licence, let us know. There is a cost involved, which we’d be willing to cover in part. It would be a great resource for churches/organisations beyond Hope MK.

Of course if you have other bright ideas about transportation, we’d love to hear them too to avoid us having to resort to this health & safety nightmare…

Overcrowded Bus

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