April 25, 2013

Hope in Unity

Yesterday we had the joy of gathering together leaders from churches across Milton Keynes to present the vision God has given us for Hope MK, share the plans we’ve made so far to make it a reality, face the questions/comments/concerns which arose, and to listen to each other as we shape the event. Oh, and to have our faith and lack of vision (politely) questioned once again in terms of numbers/scope – OK, Lord, we’re getting the message!

Having spent the last six months living and breathing Hope MK, doing our best to put plans in place whilst also trying to build interest & support from churches across the city, yesterday was the high-point so far. It was a meeting we’d been focussed on and working towards for a while. So when we finally got to the church of Christ the King and saw people arriving, our excitement started to build.

Everything about the meeting yesterday was an encouragement to us. It’s great to be affirmed in your thinking and in what you believe God has called you to do. But the greatest encouragement yesterday was to be in a room with people who represented at least 30 churches of different sizes/traditions/denominations, and yet we were all in agreement that Hope MK is long overdue, that it’s exactly what we should be doing, and that we’re going to do it together!

As we presented, discussed, listened and prayed, Psalm 133 came to mind where David expresses how great it is when God’s people live together in harmony & unity because it is there that God commands His blessing. When God’s people set aside differences and focus on what we have in common God pours out His blessing like an anointing with expensive oil. We (the core team) felt that blessing yesterday – but we recognise that God has far more to pour out as Hope MK becomes a reality.

The thirty or so churches represented yesterday are only about 20% of all the churches in Milton Keynes. But honestly, to have 30 supportive churches sharing the vision and promising to do what they can to make it happen in partnership is massively encouraging. We still have a long way to go and would value your prayers, but what a strong foundation to build on. Thank you Lord!

If your church/organisation/ecumenical partnership isn’t yet involved – please get in touch.

Hope in Unity

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