September 19, 2014

Fully Booked*

Wow! Just wow!

We’re still over a month away from Hope MK, and all of the spaces we released for young people have been filled already. Last year we had just over 100 young people for the week. This year we hoped to see some growth & set the limit at 130. And we now have 130 young people registered representing 15 churches!

But we know there are still young people who want to register but didn’t make it in time.

So we are opening up 20 additional places on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. But that will be the absolute limit – we will have no space for any more after that! So if you’ve not registered yet – download the registration form, complete it and return it with your registration fee as soon as you can. Any forms we receive after the 150 places are full will be put on a reserve list in case anyone drops out. We won’t process your payment until we confirm you have a place.

In order to open up these extra spaces, we will need the churches of MK to step up. We’ll be posting details over the weekend of what we need them to do.

Note: If you’ve sent in your registration form & payment, or handed it to your youth leader, but haven’t yet received a ‘Welcome to Hope MK’ email – don’t worry. We are still a little behind on processing, if you’ve not received it by Monday 22nd, get in touch with us.

Fully Booked

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