December 4, 2015

Bieber on Relationship

At the recent One Church service we gave the opportunity for young people to ask any question they like about the challenges of living the Christian faith. There some excellent questions which the panel of ‘experts’ attempted to answer without any preparation. There were too many questions to answer on the night, and some which were too complex to answer in that forum. But there were some common threads which ran through the questions & the answers. Over the coming weeks we’ll be asking people involved in Hope MK to tackle some of those questions, and we’ll publish their responses here.

Justin Bieber - Purpose

His new album ‘Purpose’ – it comes highly recommended!

On Facebook today I saw someone had shared a video interview with Justin Bieber discussing religion. He was brought up a Christian, and whilst he’s had his moments of doubt & trouble (haven’t we all!) recently he says his faith has become more important him than ever before. So I decided to watch the interview and I was amazed by how well it connected with the questions/answers from One Church.

We said: ‘let people know you’re a Christian, but then don’t be weird about it
Bieber said: ‘there are so many weird Christians around and I said to myself “I don’t think I want to be a Christian”‘ [hey, don’t ever be *that* person]

Bieber said: ‘it’s about faith not works; relationship not religion’

On the subject of being changed from our old ways (which it’s hard to let go of), Bieber said: ‘you develop a relationship with God so you don’t want to do that other stuff’ [that ‘other stuff’ will be different for each of us]

Bieber said: ‘when I realised what it [faith] should be about, and not what it was portrayed to me as, then it became so much cooler and it was easier for me to comprehend it’

Bieber said: ‘it’s about relationship – with God & with people’

Jesus said: ‘love God & love others’ [the greatest commandment]

Check out the video for yourself…

Check out his new album ‘Purpose’ – it comes highly recommended!

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