Now I’m Pretty Sure

“at the start of Hope MK I was really sceptical about the whole thing; I really didn’t believe there was a God, but because of what I saw & experienced through the week, now I’m pretty sure He exists…”

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My Story: Ian Turvey

For me, I won’t forget a conversation with a young man at the Friday night event. He came to look at the bikes after Gram Seed had spoken whilst he was waiting for his mum to meet him. We chatted and got onto first name terms. He then asked me “When did you connect with […]

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My Story: Clare Allsop

Having included Hope MK in my prayers for the past few months, I was delighted to have the chance to help with the pastoral team. I turned up and donned my bright blue hoodie. Everyone was very welcoming and I met lovely people from a number of churches. Though I was interested to know which […]

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