Young People

Young PeopleOur vision is to engage young Christians from across our city (and beyond), to equip them through prayer, teaching and training, and to send them out empowered to love & serve the people of MK in word & deed. We hope to see approx 150 young Christians (and those associated with Christian youth groups) out on the streets meeting practical needs and demonstrating God’s love to those they meet.

We have a great belief in the ability of the young people in our churches, and we know what an absolute joy it can be to serve with them. There is a feeling that we’ve let them down in the past by expecting too little of them, and so we want to encourage them to get out of our church buildings, beyond their comfort zones and live out their faith. We want young people to go out equipped, empowered and expectant to see God at work in their own city. Many of them will have attended festivals, camps, and missions elsewhere and seen God do incredible things. But we want them to realise that God can do incredible things here in our city too, but more than that, that He invites us to join Him and will use us (young & old) for His purposes.

So we’re encouraging churches to get their young people to register to join us for this week long mission. It will be hard work, it will be tiring, it will require that they give up most of their half term break, but we believe it will be well worth it; we’re expecting God to do great things – to transform the lives of the people we serve & bless through our projects, and to transform the lives of those of us who serve too.

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