PeopleFor an initiative of this scale to work, in addition to the support of churches & organisations, we also need the support of individual adults.

We have a small team at the heart of Hope MK, but it wouldn’t achieve anything without a small army of enthusiastic and willing supporters who are prepared to get stuck in and make it happen. The list of responsibilities & jobs broadly breaks down into the following headings: Projects, Fundraising, Publicity, Prayer, Transport, Concert, Teaching, Health & Safety, Pastoral Care, & Admin. If you have a passion for or gifting/strength in one of those areas and are willing to commit some time, please get in touch.

There will be a host of different roles which will need to be filled during the mission week too, and so we’re keen to hear from anyone who is available (or can make themselves available!) to assist. The list of roles includes: transport, catering, logistics, pastoral care, administrators, techies, and the list goes on. We’re delighted to hear that a number of people are so committed to the initiative that they’ve already booked the time off work to serve with us! Could you do the same? If you’re willing, and think you might be able in any way at all, please let us know.

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